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Introduction to Reg A+

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The Reg A+ Opportunity


The benefits of a Reg A+ offering vs. a traditional IPO are so compelling that we expect the Reg A+ solution will become the premier path for U.S. and Canadian companies that are beyond the startup stage and desire to raise up to $50 million in an initial public offering.



Permission to gauge investor interest prior to moving forward with an offering.


A simplified SEC submission and an SEC review period that is usually far shorter than for a traditional initial public offering.


Pre-emption of state pre-qualification requirements for Reg A+'s Tier 2 offerings.


Permitted use of social media and selected other third parties to expand the reach of their offerings' marketing efforts.


Legal fees that average much less than for a traditional initial public offering.


An immediate listing on the NASDAQ/NYSE for qualified companies.


Capital Highways' Services


Capital Highways acts as a trusted consultant, assisting its clients in understanding Reg A+ features and benefits and providing the services listed below.



Introductions to third-party service providers, including securities counsel, accountants and auditors, and brokerage firms.


Assistance in building a compelling pitch deck.


Introductions to a wide range of potential bridge finance and Reg A+ investors.


A comprehensive investor awareness campaign that generally includes multi-city roadshows.


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